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OIS Strategic Budget Explainer

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Schoolwide Budget Needs Assessment

School Meal Service

One of my challenges in this internship is to address the chaos surrounding the delivery of lunch and brunch to our students. I selected this project knowing that it would fulfill many aspects of the ELLC Standards that involve the management of the campus physical space. ELCC Standard 3.1 directs school leaders to monitor and evaluate school management and operating systems. Studying the lack of efficiency of food service at Orinda Intermediate School and devising a way to improve it has given me a front row seat to accomplishing that standard and several others including collaborating with faculty, community members and in my case, staff, and other schools to see how they’re confronting similar problems.

BWC Lunch Line Proposal 2023-24

The food service functions at Orinda Intermediate School are suffering since the school switched from private/local funding to state mandated free brunches and lunches. The current kitchen model is ill-equipped to handle crowds of students or the uses now necessary to implement cooked meals to all OIS students in a timely and efficient manner. The lunchroom location, procedures and placement of lunchroom equipment and other food items need to be reassessed for quality and efficiency.  The above video offers a solution to the meal service issues..  I created this video for the student-run news broadcast shot to inform students of the change taking effect during the last few days of the school year.

ELCC 3.1 compels the school leader to ensure the success of every student by ensuring the management of the school organization, operation, and resources through monitoring and evaluating the school management and operational systems; efficiently using human, fiscal, and technological resources in a school environment.

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